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RE: IoT Initiatives Report: CA-483792-ZT

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Mr. Supè Visera,

In response to your questions around how the timelines & budgets exceeded projections , I have an update. With this being the company’s first attempt at cloud-based IoT, really cloud in general, we ran into a number of unexpected issues. Our Senior Engineer was pulled over to configure the new cloud infrastructure, which has proven difficult and costly. The team has tried mightily to cover for his absence but lack his expertise and experience. Our IoT projects have stalled.

With costs all over the place, schedules getting missed, opportunities being blown and our team in disarray, I looked outward and I found a solution that can get us going in the right direction – IoT Ensemble.

I picked our junior newbie to investigate IoT Ensemble. He was able to set up a device right away. Showed in Standup how he signed up, checked out the emulated data capabilities, then enrolled one of our own devices. Got the connection string and got the telemetry flowing. We could see the data! He is in the process of taking that data right over to Power BI so we can get you a report before lunch. The best part - there was no coding involved!

With IoT Ensemble, we'll be able to connect any of our devices and get our data flowing to any output. We'll cut months off our timelines and be able to setup alerts, visualizations, machine learning and more in hours, not weeks. The competitive advantage for our IoT efforts is a game-changer.


Proda C. Tohner


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